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Fitting Service

Here at Sublime Design we pride ourselves in not just our quality flooring but also our unmatched fitting service! With our flooring coming with a stress free way of being installed by one of our many professionals we can guarantee no mess or fuss around your home, leaving you more time to relax in your amazing new room.

Our vinyl flooring can be fitted to liven up any of the rooms in your home. It really does take a true professional to lay down our incredible vinyl flooring and we have plenty of experts on standby. Our vinyl flooring can be laid onto an existing floor as long as you have a dry, even and clean space to work in. Our vinyl flooring can be laid in one day and is a beautiful edition to any home. Whether it is our luxury vinyl flooring or standard by simply cutting the vinyl flooring with a sharp knife, we can lay it into place and you will see an easy transition with incredible results.

Carpets can be tricky for anyone to try and install themselves into their home. Our professionals take care, making sure that every corner is perfectly fitted. By pressing the carpet down to the subfloor and using their precision knife skills to cut around those tricky bits, you really will not want to waste any time getting comfy in your new room.

Our laminate flooring range is perhaps seen as the easiest of all flooring for a good DIY-er to install, however, if you want to save time and make sure the job is done to an amazing standard, our professionals will always do an amazing job you will love. After all, nobody wants to spend their weekend cutting perfect holes around radiator pipes right? Why bother when we can fit them perfectly for you with no hassle.

Our beautiful ceramic floor tiling range can be installed quickly and cheaply. By one of our amazing fitters planning out our tile plan and making sure we lay each tile carefully and beautifully, this is a method that time after time creates an polished and classical look in your home.

"Richard was great, we discussed the various flooring options which would best suited our needs and went for the design flooring option. The quality of Sublime's work was exceptional and I really could not fault one thing."

Richard Moggy, Staple Hill, Bristol, April 2017

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