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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a hugely popular option for many people. It’s without a doubt the most versatile flooring you could ask for in your home. It’s affordable price, practicality and its overall presentation offer up an amazing alternative to anybody considering new flooring. With most laminate flooring now coming with manufacturer backed warranties and a massive range of textures and styles, what are you waiting for?

If you want that luxury look at a really affordable price, laminate flooring is perfect for your home. Laminate is a multi layered synthetic surface that simulates the appearance of hard wood or stone. This gives it an amazing professional look and means that you can save plenty of money! Our top quality laminate is so convincing that it could fool anyone!

Our extensive range of laminate flooring comes in many different looks. From natural solid woods too hardwood patterns, its versatility knows no bounds and regardless of which room you decide to put down laminate flooring in your home, it will always look incredible. This applies to both residential and commercial use, with our laminate flooring being ideal for gyms, shops, restaurants and many more!

As we mentioned vinyl flooring has many benefits for your home. It’s durability is unmatched by any other material, even being resistant to damages, stains and spillages which makes it perfect for that bathroom of your dreams. It’s easy to clean, very safe for both your children and pets, easily installed by any DIY wiz out there saving you money,

Here at Sublime Design we really have to recommend investing in vinyl flooring. Whether this is our luxury vinyl range or not we can promise you beautiful, versatile, durable and practical flooring. We can transform any room in your home without breaking the bank, leaving you with a smile on your face and your home looking amazing!

The practicality of laminate flooring has always kept our customers happy. It is easily installed in your home with little fuss, so much so that you can even do it yourself! With only a few days work you could have a brand new floor in any of your rooms, meaning you can get down to relaxing in, what will appear to be, your brand new room!

Laminate flooring is also amazingly easy to keep clean. Rather than spending hours on end trying to hoover up dirt stuck between the floorboards, you can clean laminate flooring quickly and easily, with amazing results.

When it comes to laminate flooring we offer the highest range of quality. Lasting a great deal longer due to its durability to outdoor agents and its intelligent design, this really is an amazing option when it comes to picking new flooring for your home. A cheap and amazing way to add value to your home, we have to recommend having a look through our laminate flooring range.

Client Feedback......

"Richard was great, we discussed the various flooring options which would best suited our needs and went for the design flooring option. The quality of Sublime's work was exceptional and I really could not fault one thing."

Richard Moggy, Staple Hill, Bristol, April 2017

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