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Our selection of carpets for both residential and commercial properties is as extensive as it is beautiful. The UK is still one of the biggest buyers of carpet in the world, buying millions of square feet each year. So if you need to buy carpet, which you know is high quality and practical for both commercial and residential use, look no further.

Both our residential and commercial carpets come in amazing array of colours, styles and designs that will brighten up any room. A floor for everyone means we can help guide you towards the best option for you.

If you need an injection of life into any room, look no further than our wonderful range of carpets. Ranging from the luxurious and comforting Sphere by Lano to the beautifully stylish Vogue Stripe by Brockway our residential carpet can transform your living room or bedroom, giving you that comfortable space you can relax in.

When it comes to carpet in your home we realize that maintenance and child friendly carpets can be a major issue. We, however, offer a range of easy clean carpets and stain-free carpets to help sort any spills you may encounter! No more forking out cash on expensive cleaning bills. Durable carpets never have to mean compromising on style though, and we can assure you we have exactly what your home needs.

As we mentioned vinyl flooring has many benefits for your home. It’s durability is unmatched by any other material, even being resistant to damages, stains and spillages which makes it perfect for that bathroom of your dreams. It’s easy to clean, very safe for both your children and pets, easily installed by any DIY wiz out there saving you money,

Here at Sublime Design we really have to recommend investing in vinyl flooring. Whether this is our luxury vinyl range or not we can promise you beautiful, versatile, durable and practical flooring. We can transform any room in your home without breaking the bank, leaving you with a smile on your face and your home looking amazing!

If you don’t need a change in your home, you could always go for a change in the office! We understand that it’s not just homes that require re-flooring which is why we also offer a variety of commercial flooring, perfect for offices and other establishments such as restaurants.

Our range of luxury commercial carpets come in all shapes and sizes, and just like our residential range, we can always find the perfect carpet to transform your business. Whether it is the luxury Mayfair Velvet by Lano, to the modern office style Bloomsbury by Edel Telenzo, you can always be certain that you will be overjoyed with the end result.

So whether it is commercial or residential carpets, we have all the options you will ever need at Sublime Design, you would be crazy not to at least have a look!

Client Feedback.......

"Richard was great, we discussed the various flooring options which would best suited our needs and went for the design flooring option. The quality of Sublime's work was exceptional and I really could not fault one thing."

Richard Moggy, Staple Hill, Bristol, April 2017

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