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Ceramic Flooring

Ceramic floor tiles offer an amazing and unique look to any home. Whether it is in your living room, hallway or bathroom we can guarantee that ceramic tiles what your home deserves and something that will transform your home!


Here at The Flooring Megastore we have a huge range of ceramic tiles for you to choose from. An amazing range of colours and sizes to fit sizes to suit small rooms or expansive living areas, we will always be able to help make sure your living space is exactly how you deserve it. It is easily installed and has great design flexibility, making this the perfect and easy flooring option for the vast majority of people.


All of our ceramic floor tiles can be bought in materials such as marble, ivory, black, taupe and many other finishes. Complement your classic home with light tiles or add an elegant, modern look to your living space with our dark matt and glass black floor tiles.

If you want flooring that is as durable as it is gorgeous, then ceramic tile flooring is the way to go in your home. Made to withstand all the pressure throughout your home you won’t find any of our tiles cracking, chipping or breaking. Enjoy wonderful looking flooring that’s really built to last in any of the rooms in your homes.

Our ceramic tiles are available with a wide range of finishes and surfaces. Choose from anti-slip tiles ideal for your kitchen and bathroom or standard matt and gloss tiles to use in the living room, hallway or on the balcony.There is a tile for every need.


We really have to recommend having a look through our range of ceramic tile flooring. Along with being easily cleaned and adding elegance to any room in your home, it will leave any homeowner feeling refreshed and comfortable.

Client Feedback........

"Richard was great, we discussed the various flooring options which would best suited our needs and went for the design flooring option. The quality of Sublime's work was exceptional and I really could not fault one thing."

Richard Moggy, Staple Hill, Bristol, April 2017

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